About Oasis Mining

Bitcoins mining is costing enormous resources and miners are struggling towards an improved and sustainable system for a more effective cryptocurrency experience. We are a pooled mining solution with the best hardware and efficient maintenance systems. Our system offers higher ROI and ensures state-of-art services to fulfill expectations of our partner miners.

Uses of Oasis Mining


Oasis can be traded on dashboard and convert them to Bitcoin.


Invest in our mining program and get BTC return from Bitcoin mining.

Purchase Mining

Oasis mining packages can be bought with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum.

How Bitcoin can be used for After they are mined?


Convert Bitcoin to fiat currency for quick cash.


Hold Bitcoin for long term assuming Bitcoin price will increase dramatically in the future.

Medium of Exchange

Use Bitcoin as a means to pay for goods and services.

Why Mining Bitcoin?


Acquiring Bitcoin from mining is cheaper than Cash exchange for Bitcoin.

Now or Never

Limited 21 million BTC, unlimited mining potential!

Contact us

Send us any questions you may have.